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We offer corporate support through cutting-edge technology allowing you to stay in touch with your office at all times.

It is our interest to be the development engine for your business by bringing technology to optimize your office operations with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Coopeg, is committed to the development of entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Mexican Republic and beyond; It promotes the formalization of business by providing quality boardroom, physical and virtual office services and is charged with becoming the best service provider for executives.

We seek the labor growth of our users, providing all the tools for their performance with the highest technology and personalization of their office as well as physical and telephone reception service during work and non-work hours.

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Lava: +52 1 (477) 343 1206
Bruma: +52 1 (477) 343 1234
Torres Gemelas: +52 1 (477) 343 1200

Cel: (477) 327 4021 / (477) 737 5161